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FORMULA 1 – How to increase wet session running

On Thursday I was watching the FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DE MONACO 2015 free practice 2 which was rain affected.  One of the topics of discussion by the Sky Sports commentators was how to encourage teams to run their cars in … Read More

WordPress plugins used on Alphageek

One of my aims with this site is to test various WordPress plugins and options for use with WordPress.  This post is a list of the plugins I’ve decided to use and what I am using them for.  I’m hoping … Read More

Preload HTML5 Video

I recently had the experience of trying to preload HTML5 video for a site I develop.  It wasn’t as easy as I assumed it would be.  Before I get too in-depth, I must add a disclaimer that I have NOT cross-browser … Read More

Automatically sharing WordPress posts to Facebook

Today I finally had some time to invest in this site and I decided I needed to get my social-network sharing working.  My aim was to begin automatically sharing WordPress posts to Facebook (both my application page and my personal page), … Read More

JavaScript KeyPress event and KeyCodes

I have recently been using FabricJS for HTML5 canvas manipulation and ran into an issue of not being able to enter an apostrophe (‘) in the iText fields (an issue that has been fixed recently, but appeared in the version … Read More

Caffeine Measurement in Foods – It’s too Hard!

I have an idea; it’s not very complex; it’s something I could create myself; but for one stumbling block.  How to measure the caffeine content in foodstuffs.

REVIEW: Bobble Jug

A couple of months ago I purchased a Bobble Jug for use at work.  I’ve decided to review this product now as we’ve used the filter that was included with the jug, and have purchased a second filter for it. … Read More

How to Find Images on Google based on Image Size and Type

One of my current tasks is the creation of an image resizing, cropping and optimising system.  As part of this I need to have a set of sample images to determine the best settings for the optimisation.  This post will … Read More

WordPress and Facebook Integration

Late last night I posted about Facebook Open Graph Conflicts in WordPress.  After submitting that post and confirming that everything worked, I decided I was not happy with the JetPack solution for WordPress and Facebook integration.

Facebook Open Graph Conflicts in WordPress

When I set-up this blog I added quite a few plugins.  One of these plugins was JetPack which has a “publicize” feature.  Prior to adding this I added a plugin called Facebook Auto Publish and another one called WP Facebook Open … Read More

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