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REVIEW: Bobble Jug

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A couple of months ago I purchased a Bobble Jug for use at work.  I’ve decided to review this product now as we’ve used the filter that was included with the jug, and have purchased a second filter for it.  Unfortunately this was not one of my better purchases and I am already considering replacing the jug.

When I was considering purchasing this product I was quite impressed by it.  Although it was relatively expensive, the Bobble Jug looked really good; the filter (which is a fairly simple charcoal one) is of a decent size and should enable the filtration to occur rapidly; and the “date ring” (used to signify when the filter was last changed) appeared to be good for an office environment where different employees would refill the jug.

When I got the jug back to the office I followed the instructions and soaked the filter in water for 12 minutes.  While it was soaking I washed the jug and then put it to use.

The first thing I noticed was how slow the water filtration was.  I could barely get the water to trickle through.  After numerous more uses it appears there is a design flaw in the filtration unit and it can get an air-lock that prevents the water from flowing into the filter.  Sometimes I can clear the air-lock with a light bang of the jug on the bench, other times it just doesn’t want to go away.  After installing the second filter, it seems less prone to getting the air-lock.  I’m not sure if I just got a dodgy filter the first time, or if I’m lucky with this second filter; but at this point the filtration seems to be working acceptably.

After filling the jug for the first time I pushed the lid back into place, aligned it correctly and headed back to the coffee machine in the office.  I started filing the coffee machine’s reservoir and immediately noticed that the spout cover on the jug didn’t open; thankfully it’s super easy to lift it with my finger and as long as it doesn’t close completely it will then move based on the water flow.  Unfortunately, every time the spout cover closes completely, the water flow is not enough to cause it to re-open.

Once I’d finished filling the reservoir, I noticed a small damp patch on the floor.  As the coffee machine was also new, I wondered if the outlet on the base of the reservoir leaked and thought nothing of it.  After using the Bobble Jug a number of times I’d consistently noticed a pool of water on the bench after using it.  A bit of further investigation and I noticed that the jug doesn’t pour very well.  When pouring with the jug a small amount of water seems to flow back along the jug and then dribbles onto the floor or bench.  I checked out the spout and I can’t see any manufacturing flaws, so I can only assume that this is due to poor design.

The final feature of the Bobble Jug is the date ring so it is easy to remember when the filter was last changed or is next due to change.  I decided to use this ring to signify when the filter next needs replacing, so after installing the filter I positioned the date ring so the arrow was pointing to November.  Late in October I noticed that the filter was due for replacement soon, so next time I went to Officeworks I grabbed a new filter.  At the start of November I replaced the filter (once again, soaking it for 12 minutes before use – how inconvenient!)  I positioned the date ring to January and filled the jug.  The date ring started floating!  Over the last two weeks I’ve been unable to work out how to get the date ring to stay in place.

Overall, the Bobble Jug looks really nice, but it fails on too many fronts for me to consider it to be a good filter jug.  The combination of expensive price, inconsistent filters, floating date ring and lack of pouring ability leave me feeling this was far from a good purchase and I will most likely replace it in the near future.

Bobble Jug

Bobble Jug










          • Good filter unit
          • Looks great


          • Does not pour properly
          • Spout cover jams
          • Date ring floats
          • Expensive