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WordPress and Facebook Integration

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Late last night I posted about Facebook Open Graph Conflicts in WordPress.  After submitting that post and confirming that everything worked, I decided I was not happy with the JetPack solution for WordPress and Facebook integration.

Sample JetPack Facebook PostAs can be seen in the post to the left, JetPack claims that my article was posted on WordPress.  This is because Facebook only allows the app name to be used, and it cannot be customised on a per post basis.  Personally I find this to be confusing as I do not host with WordPress, I run a self hosted site that is fully branded.

Another aspect that I don’t like about the post is that comments are not reflected on my site, even though I use the Facebook Comments plugin.  This is because the Facebook post is associated with JetPack and not with the Facebook app I configured for the Facebook Comments plugin.

My solution to this is to install the official Facebook plugin.  This was not a simple process for a few reasons, but once I overcame a few hurdles it wasn’t too bad.

The main issue I had with the plugin was associating my local user account with my Facebook account.  Before I go down this path, in a traditional install I can’t see user’s being affected by this issue, but I have a WordPress network configured and I am using the WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin. My issue was centered around the “app domains” I had defined on Facebook.  I had originally added alphageek.com.au to the app domains, but I couldn’t see any way to then associate my local account with Facebook. After a bit of thought and a good nights sleep, I realised that I had not added my network’s domain to the app domains. After adding this I was able to associate my account correctly.

With a little more configuration I disabled a lot of the features built-in the the Facebook plugin as I have other plugins to perform these tasks.

The final task I need to complete is to submit my Facebook application for review.  Prior to doing this I need to submit a post to my timeline using the Facebook plugin (this post should fulfill that) and I need to finalise some configuration details in my Facebook app settings.

Update: 1 hour after publishing

After spending quite a bit of time trying to work out what is wrong with my Facebook integration I found a thread on WordPress that basically mentions that the official Facebook plugin is not compatible with Facebook‘s current API.  The thread linked to a post that claims to have a fix for the plugin; but based on comments in the initial thread, it appears that it only fixes some of the issues.  My next challenge is to try and resolve all the issues in the plugin, and if I can get most of it working I will publish some more information.