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Why I chose WordPress

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If you’re reading this you must be wondering why I chose to use a self-hosted WordPress blog and didn’t got with one of the other services, or even a custom developed site.  The reasoning is fairly simple;  I’m developing a custom theme and plugins for a WordPress site at work and I couldn’t afford the time to create a custom solution for both Yana and myself.

Although I often complain about WordPress at work, a large part of that is because we are trying to add functionality that is beyond the design considerations when WordPress was first created.  In reality, WordPress is a great product when it is used for its intended purpose.

One of the major benefits of WordPress is the number of themes that are available.  In the creation of this blog I have trialed 3 different themes, plus I selected another theme for Yana‘s blog.  I will write a future post about the theme selection for our blogs and hopefully I’ll remember to edit this post and link to it.

Another benefit is the number of plugins available; this will also be the subject of a later post.  At the time of writing, this blog utilises 14 distinct plugins.

One of the features I will take significant advantage of in the future is the ability to use the WordPress app for blog management.  This requires the use of the Jetpack plugin, but is definitely a highlight of the software.

As Yana and I progress with our blogs I am sure I will end up having to write some custom plugins or creating child themes to add functionality that we want, but one of the benefits of being a PHP developer is that I will be able to extend WordPress to do this.